October 12th 2020 till further Notice.

Marking the beginning of the total restructure of the E-hailing business Template.

We are calling for the general overhaul of the E-hailing industry structure.

The current Template is not favorable to us as the Drivers


👉🏽Uberbolt as the Lord takes all decisions.

👉🏽Drivers at their mercy

👉🏽Yet we were called partners.!

👉🏽Just a simple change we requested for


👉🏽Increase your fare to be Commensurate to our invested Capital on the Business. 100/km, 1000 minimum fare, 500base fare and above

👉🏽Give us welfare packages because the job is Tedious.

👉🏽Change your T&C to Accommodate Union of Drivers.

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  1. It’s now or never if you wear the shoe you would know or feel where the pain is please tell me what you,father,grandfather enjoyed in this country our great grandfather’s has inheritance to leave for their children now it’s hard before you see a man leave properties for his kids or generations so if you know you want to leave a legacy for your childrens children come on its now or never Bob Robert Nesta market said stand up Stand up for your right remember felt you better do your own cos one day of course we must die o lets fight this fight once and forfor all

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