The PROFESSIONALS E-HAILING DRIVERS AND PRIVATE-OWNERS ASSOCIATION (PEDPA), is an umbrella body of driver-partner community.


  • To promote and protect the image, fame and integrity of all E-hailing Drivers and partners in all their business activities it’s riders and any other Agencies related, affiliated or concerned with the business of the Association.
  • To evolve appropriate mechanisms for members to carry out their business conscientiously with a view to making the maximizing profit there from.
  • To organize from time to time seminar, workshop, conference, symposia, ceremony and any other meeting the association may deem fit and necessary.
  • To contribute to the economy and social development and advancement of the Association in particular and Nigeria in general.
  • To hold regular dialogue or meeting with federal government, the state government or any other organ of government for the purpose of fostering the advancement or achieving the set objectives of the association in particular and the nation in general.
  • To act as a United front and forum through which the wishes, desire and demand of member would be formulated, expressed and realized.
  • To raise funds by way of launching, appeals, receiving donations, dues, borrowing with or without interest, gift and financial assistance from the government, individuals, corporate bodies and such other means the association may from time to time deem fit.
  • To introduce order, discipline and unity amongst members in the country.