Great e-hailling Drivers.!!!

It is our fundamental human rights to exercise our displeasure against any Injustice melted on us by Uberbolt.!

Every across the world, Drivers are doing the same thing without these kind of News of them getting arrested. But here in Lagos Nigeria,

Uberbolt have succeeded to get us Arrested for telling them to stop killing us by men of the Nigerian Police even despite their awareness and approval

Uberbolt have succeeded in getting us arrested for telling them to respect the dignity of labor.

Dear colleagues, you are not safe by working independently under Uberbolt, imagine what they would do to you if it was just one person against them.!

Let us rise up to defend ourselves in Solidarity.!

If you are outside working, you are not doing the right thing.

The leaders of this movement has been arrested for calling Uberbolt out.! Even the Top executives here have attest to these.!

I encourage us to down tools completely to allow these impunity to come to an end.

These is an attempt to stampede on our just course.!

These is an attempt to silence e-hailling drivers and tell us to continue in this slavery.

Let us rise up to fight this together by switching off our App.

An injustice done to one is done to all

Solidarity……. For Ever ✊✊✊

✍️Great PEDPA………. United We Are Stronger ?

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