It is a MultiMillion Currency Business, Hence we deserve a better working Conditions.

The average vehicle on e-hailling platform is sold for at least a million Naira.
What these mean is that we invest so much MONEY, TIME, ENERGY and PROFESSIONALISM on this business, yet we have no control over the affairs of the Business.!

These is nothing but Slavery.

As an e-hailling Drivers, Here is the right time we should come together, Irrespective of our differences, let us collectively fight these common enemies first, our differences can be settled amicably.

After exploring so many options, PEDPA has declared an all out Strike Actions against all dictatorial App Companies.

Let us spread this Good News, let it go viral, let the world hear our plight here in Nigeria too.

April 19th is the beginning of the official Strike Actions Day.!

Let us all Comply. Tell every Driver about the victorious movement.!

Solidarity…….         For Ever ✊✊✊

✍️Great PEDPA……….       United We Are Stronger ?

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