E-Hailing drivers, car owners hail Gov. Sanwo-Olu over new charges, guidelines
By Segun

Drivers operating under E-Hailing transport system has commended Lagos State governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu over new guidelines guiding operations of E-Hailing transport system in the state.

It is recalled the state government had recently announced new guidelines and charges for registration of E-Hailing transport applications in the state.

Some of the guidelines include reduction of registration charges to 10%, profiling and insurance cover for drivers, safety of drivers and many more.

At launching of Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private-Owners Association (PEDPA), an umbrella body for E-Hailing drivers, in Lagos, the President of the association, Idris Oluwaseun, said with the new guidelines, the state government has demonstrated its readiness to improve transport system in the state.

The association threw its weight behind the government and promised its readiness to cooperate with the government.

“It is obvious the state government is truly determined to see a more secure and profitable e-hailing transportation sub-sector and PEDPA as an association has truly taking the center stage in defending the interest of it’s members amidst negotiation. We are in support of the government guidelines. We have profiled over 13,000 drivers under us. We have realised its disadvantage for individual to partner with application companies so we collectively formed this association to protect the interest of riders. All apps companies should form synergy with our association and follow government guidelines,”he said.

Enumerating some of the challenges facing e-hailing drivers, Idris blamed apps companies for alleged exploitative attitudes, adding e-hailing drivers operate at a loss due to excessive charges from apps companies.

“There have been series of challenges such as poor security system. Many of drivers have been attacked by miscreants, lost their valuables. When Uber and Bolt came in 2015 and 2016, the price of fuel was N65 but till now they are still charging same amount they were charging then. You can not dictate price for us since they are not the ones buying cars and maintaining it or buy fuel. Its unfair for apps companies to be fixing prices for drivers. They take decisions without carrying us along but henceforth, its going to be a different ball game with this new association,”he added.

According to Idris, some of the new conditions by the government are that drivers must procure LASRRA, LASDRI ID cards, and driver license, while vehicle owners are required to obtain road worthiness, car insurance and private hackney permit.

App companies are expected to obtain operations license, comprehensive Insurance for drivers and riders during active trip, drivers badge to be given to drivers freely as ID card, synergize with relevant unions as well as provide government with relevant data.

Mr Tunji Abdulhameed  the legal representative of the association said drivers are ready to cooperate fully with government in regulating activities of e-hailing transport operators.

E-Hailing drivers, car owners hail Gov. Sanwo-Olu over new charges, guidelines

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