With much regards, we are writing at this time to express our profound appreciation to the entire drivers community for your cooperation always.

You will recall that recently we circulated across our platforms the disappearance of one of the e-hailing driver in person of Mr. Levi Lorkaha, who has been missing since Thursday 21st of January, 2021.

With the help of PEDPA MEDIA TEAM,our LEGAL UNIT and members of his family, the said driver has been traced to a police detention. He has been in police detention since that day.

According to the information gathered, the driver Mr. Levi Lorkaha unknowingly took a rider  who was carrying hard drugs. They were stopped at Police checkpoint for a search and it turned out that his rider was carrying hard drugs. The police arrested him as accomplice to a criminal and was taken to detention.

As we speak, they have been transferred to the NDLEA for further interrogation. PEDPA Legal unit is working hand in hand with his family lawyer to ensure he does not face the wrath of the law for an offence he did not commit!

To the Glory God, Mr Levi Lorkaha has regained his freedom ,I just finished spoken with him on cellphone conversation and  With gratitude to Almighty God, he is back on the road again


▪️ We urge ALL the E-hailing drivers and driver-partners across the country to be extremely careful when going about our daily businesses. We must be mentally alert and sensitive to those we are commuting. If you sense any sign that left you with doubts about the rider’s integrity, please politely decline that request. DO NOT be carried away with the money or surge request. Remember that your freedom is in the hands of your fellow man, and if you are careless, they can take your freedom away from you!

▪️ The recent happenings in the E-hailing sector of transportation business in Nigeria is no doubt a clear indication that there is need for ALL drivers to fall to formation under an association! _DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THERE IS PROBLEM before you remember PEDPA._  If Mr. Levi had been a member of PEDPA, the union body for E-hailing business in Nigeria, perhaps he would have known the right person to call on the spot! perhaps the National President of the association and PEDPA would have immediately stepped in before the matter is escalated the way it does in his case.

We herein urge ALL who have not already done so to visit PEDPA official website and sign up as a bonified member of the association. Thereafter make payment of #1000 into the association account for your ID card which shows our affiliation with TUC. Below are the details you will need for your membership registration.

? Visit:  and sign up. Thereafter click on the link to join your LGA WhatsApp group for updates in the industry.

? For your ? CARD
Kindly pay into the associations account below
Acces bank
Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association.

_Forward your Full name, Proof of payment, Passport, Signature and your LGA to:_

▪️ National Secretary on 08069739646.

▪️ Assistant National Secretary on 08136145570.

Please accept our warm Love and greeting in the spirit of ONENESS and COMRADESHIP. And ALWAYS remember to STAY SAFE


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