Dear Lease Partners


Professional e-hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association (PEDPA) with Corporate Affair Commission CAC registration number….,…,. And an affiliate of Trade Union Congress T.U.C is the United front  positioned to protect the dignity of Labour of E-hailing Drivers, Secure the investment of Lease Partners(car owners), liase with government and Application Companies, orientate and retrain members, look out for the welfare of members and fostering improved unity among the key players in the industry.
We are group of Drivers, Driver partners, Individual lease Partners and Corporate lease Partners with different professions from different field who chooses to  invest  time or money in the e-hailing Industry.

We are writing you at this crucial time to emphasize on the need for you to join force together in order to protect your investments as a lease partner and the dignity of our labour as a Driver.
The corporate car hire business now E-hailing industry is a lucrative industry but unfortunately we’ve been witnessing retrogressions due to the unhealthy market competition that causes app companies to protect their own interests at the detriment of our sweat and Investments.

In year 2016 when price of goods and services were very cheap, when fuel is still at 87naira per litres and spare parts are almost two times cheaper than what we have today, Drivers where delivering #50,000 to car owners as weekly delivery. Then we collect Hire purchase and finish payment early enough for lease partners to get us new cars and expand the fleet business. Drivers still get enough to take home, infact some staffs resigned from banks and other well paying jobs to become a driver on the job because everything was in order.
Unfortunately reverse is the case after 4 years of continuous retrogression in the hand of app companies who are expected to improve our industry.
Today Lease partners get the driver cars at higher price and find it difficult to recoup their investment, some had to withdraw the car from the drivers and sell it off since weekly delivery is now as low as #20,000 compare to the #50,000 of 4years back.
Despite that, drivers are still finding it more difficult to meet up with their weekly delivery and some had to quit the Industry.

However, we shall not continue folding our hands, this is what gave birth to PEDPA  3years back when App companies reduces the trip  fare price and increase their own Commission. Ever  since then,  the union have been at the fore front protecting the investment and dignity of Driver’s labour

Since we’re the owners of the car not application companies!
We service and maintain our cars without the help of any application company
We commute perssenger from poin A to B not App companies
And we are the face of the business.

It’s therefore important we have a voice to represent us anytime application companies are to make policy(ies) that will affect our investments and our dignity of Labour
Imperatively we must review our fare price now,  no driver or investor can cope with the current price
As well revamp or modify some of the policies causing retrogression in the industry.
On this basis we’ve been writing the application companies but it’s fell on their deaf ears

Consequently we will have to embark on strike action❗Minimum of 7days strike and protest to show the application companies that we are not happy and can’t continue with the current situation of the industry.
We therefore plea that you support this move to protect your business, all we need now is a week break as driver will not be WORKING and won’t be able to pay for the weekly delivery.
Note that the strike starts on Monday 19th of April 2021 and ends on Monday Sunday 26th April 2021.

Thank you for your usual support and understanding

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


✍🏾Comr Idris Oluwaseun Shonuga
National president.

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