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Great news about PEDPA and UNIVERSAL insurance partnership and different questions sent to us we will clarify in this message!

Why bringing comprehensive insurance?

With the nature of our business its suicidal to go out on a daily basis without comprehensive insurance. This is why Uber initially refused to accept a third (3rd) party insurance. Now because of competition with Bolt, this condition was removed thereby exposing E-hailing drivers to great hazards that automatically leads to colossal loss as a result of unexpected car crash accident that usually ensued when one stayed long behind wheel.

We then have no option than to borrow money from different loan apps companies to fix our cars when comprehensive insurance should have fix it on our behalf.

Why do we need comprehensive insurance policy for our business?

Comprehensive insurance policy is the product that we must buy when we don’t need it, because when we need it most we can’t buy it. What this simply means is that when accident happened that resulted to car crashed accident you cannot buy comprehensive insurance to cover the damages on you car, comprehensive Insurance is what you buy ahead before accident occured to asset (CAR).


Universal insurance is a leading insurance company that as stand the test of time, it’s one of the oldest if not the oldest insurance company in Nigeria but they keep improving dynamically looking for a better way to remain a leading insurance company. (So, dem no be tory teller)
With their track records they remain the most viable company for such heavy partnership

Why the collaboration partnership is necessary?

It’s our aim to make life easy for every of our members and be the first defensive wall when the need arise. This is why we need a collective voice with Uber, Bolt, Active Ride and even Universal insurance, when injustice is melted on one person we can all stand up to defend the member knowing that injustice to one is injustice to all.

So what do I stand to gain by joining the PEDPAN and Universal Comprehensive insurance through MIZALA?

In as much as we all know the benefits of comprehensive insurance over the 3rd party, we will delve more on the additional benefits that you get by joining the PEDPAN & UNIVERSAL arrangement.

In addition to other benefits of a comprehensive insurance, by signing up on PEDPA & UNIVERSAL COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE through the mizala platform, you will get a free car tracker installed in your vehicle*(we all know the cost of tracker is nothing less than #40000 now but you will get one for free immediately you signed up)

With this package you will get insurance not only for your car but also for your body. Any accident that affects your body will be treated to the tone of #150000 and incase of death or permanent disability you will get #300000??

While other insurance waste your time on registration and still dupe you by giving you fake insurance, you can now sign up on Universal Comprehensive insurance right from the comfort of your home or inside your car while you are waiting for trip and still be sure you are getting the original insurance as you will be submitting your details directly to the company through the website below

Follow the prompts, submit all documents through the site and you will get your insurance certificate immediately in your email, no more stories from insurance marketers

Other insurance delays your claims by taking you through long process, with Universal Insurance all you need is to open your mizala platform and record a live video of the accident, upload and get immediate response. In case you are affected by the accident and you can’t take live recording you can submit all necessary documents later also.

Every insurance operates on the basis of no premium no claim, meaning you can’t access any claim untill you pay up all your money. With PEDPAN &UNIVERSAL arrangement through mizala, you have the option of choosing how you want to pay.
You can pay weekly, monthly or yearly. You don’t need to have that #100,000 lump sum, with just as low as #2000 you can have access to a good comprehensive insurance now! All you need to do is pick the weekly option when you are registering, you can also pick the monthly option or you choose yearly and pay ones. Whichever one you choose, the system automatically debit you either weekly, monthly or yearly base on your choice

✍?Note, if you choose weekly or monthly you must ensure that you pay your money as at when due, failure to do that, your cover will be stopped and you will be on your own if any accident happens!

The beauty of it that if you run the weekly and you make payments of about 2k today, God forbid if you have accident, the insurance must pay you?? even if its a case of car snatchers and you loose your car they must pay or buy you a new car????

Lovely? How do I register ??
To register click the link below

Fill your car details, put your ATM card and make your first payment, insurance certificate will be sent to your email and you will be contacted on where and when you want them to come and install your car tracker

If you are on Rental or Hire Purchase and your partner refuse to do a comprehensive insurance, you can now take it up, register in other to secure your end.
Should your partner collect the car from you then you can terminate this insurance at anytime through the platform

This is comprehensive insurance made easy at an affordable cost for all E-hailing drivers across the nation.

Always remember we have more to gain when we walk and work together!

Remember to complete your PEDPAN registration through and join us at your nearest local government!



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