The attention of PROFESSIONAL E-HAILING DRIVERS AND PRIVATE-OWNER ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (PEDPAN) has been drawn to a falsehood and ungrateful post made by one Mr Adoyi David who was a victim of an accident caused by negligence of one member of The Nigeria Police Force around Ketu Lagos.

I want to clarify and set the record straight, that though PEDPAN can not disregard the fact that there was individual efforts outside PEDPAN’s prompt intervention on the case of Comrade David, but we want to vehemently address the allegation about the claim that PEDPAN representatives demanded for 50,000 naira as gratification.

PEDPAN is an association set up purposely to address issues surrounding welfare, protection and safety of all e-hailing drivers and we will never make any demand from any driver in a bid to carry out such collective responsibility.

It may interest you that Comrade David’s case was not the first that PEDPAN has attended to in this industry and there has been no record from any previous cases of any allegation of extortion or demand for gratification in return and we want to assure you all that Comrade David’s case will not be the last that will attract PEDPAN’s attention in solidarity. Irrespective of any exhibition of ungratefulness, we promise that we will not be deterred.

Some of the previous eye catching cases of PEDPAN’s intervention includes but not limited to the followings:

– The released of 6 drivers locked in the Murtala Muhammed Int Airport’s toilet and later taken to the airport police station custody and was freed after PEDPAN’s LEGAL TEAM intervention at the court on the third day.

– The release of a driver alledged of being part of Ajao bike protest, who was forcefully whisked out of his car by members of Lagos State Task force

– The release of 6 cars belonging to PEDPAN IKEJA GRA Members, towed by member of Lagos State Task Force office.

– Assault and harassment of one of our driver in Lekki, where he was locked up and denied access to go out of the estate. Prompt intervention of PEDPAN led to his released and compensation for ill treatment.

– The Unconditional release of 26 cars belongs to various e-hailing drivers ceased at Alausa for carrying out their lawful business on INDRIVER app.

– Another case was a driver whose car was unlawfully detained by the management of Red and Green Butchery shop at lekki phase one after he was assaulted and PEDPAN had to stepped in and got the car released.

God has been using PEDPAN to attend to all the above mentioned cases and many others unmentioned and they were discharged freely without anyone taking a dime from anybody other than from the association treasury for the purpose of meeting associated logistic cost in a bid to serve the interest of all e-hailing drivers.

Note that Immedately we came across this post here, as a reputable association, we decided to put calls across to all our Comrades delegated to attend to Comrade David’s case and it was gathered that the initial deposit of 600,000 naira was given in cash to PEDPAN delegates present and it was immediately paid in to Comrade David’s personal account in full and we have receipt and photographs to support PEDPAN participation in this case up-to-date.
It was after everything on that faithful day that Comrade David gave our Excos in attendant the sum of 4000 ( Four thousand naira ) in appreciation and they all declined taken the money but in return, encouraged him to continue to be a faithful Comrade at his Local Government Unit.

It’s also on record that the total amount of money recieved by comrade Adoyi David in compensation, from Nigeria police force was 1,010,000 naira( one million and ten thousand naira) base on the information available to PEDPAN the police officer that was involved has also been duely punished through the orderly trial.

We are really confused and surprised about this unfounded allegation that PEDPAN representatives demanded for N50,000 as compensation from Mr David and we want to categorically refute this unfounded claim against PEDPAN as such is against our ethics and operational principle. We frown and condemn it in strong terms and we request every member of public to disregard such unfounded claim even as we promise to continue to serve the interest of e-hailing drivers.

Solidarity forever.


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