Yesterday 7th February 2022, Comrade Idris Oluwaseun visited panti police station to find out about the case of one e-hailing driver whose rider jumped out of his moving ride and trembled upon by another moving vehicle and died.

During this solidarity visit comrade idris met with the female senior police Officer in charge of the case who narrated in details the ordeal of our colleague and the police officer said, the case does not indict our colleague who might not be charged to court if autopsy report proven report otherwise during investigation to ascertain the cause of the incident.
She further said that the circumstances leading to her death seems like the deceased attempted suicide, and this has led to the Nigeria police force to write to bolt on several occasions concerning the matter before bolt was able to release 3 pages report for the case.

The report suggested that the deceased rider was sitting at the front seat beside the driver prior to the accident and The Nigeria police force is really concern that the driver did not help or stop knowing fully well that there is a close proximity between the deceased rider and our colleague who ought to have known that the deceased wanted to commit such a big incident when she removed her seat belt and unlocked the passenger door before committing the act.

Comrade idris requested
to see the driver in custody, and he was brought out of the cell base for further inquires from the driver and he narrated what transpired during the trip, while he also shared his wife contact with comrade idris for assurance and relief that an association of e-hailing drivers is concern and giving support for his release.

Comrade idris promised him that the E-hailing community will do everything possible within the handbit of the law through PEDPAN to ensure his timely release from police custody.

However, the driver in question is an High blood pressure patient that has been on treatment for over 2 years now,
And he has been in detention for a while now without access to good medical attention.
He pleaded that the union should assist him out of this predicament, because of his health and since he was only carrying out his legitimate business.

Afterwards, he was taken back to custody,

Acording to the Nigeria police in charge of the investigation, they discovered that the lady was doing well, even doing a video of her movement during the ongoing trip up to the time when the incident happened where she jumped out of the car, in addition to this, the Nigeria police force has gone as far as LASUTH to confirm her state of health before the incident happened, they Stated that the deceased does not have any cases of depression from all indication, which is their main concerned of how and why did such incident would have took place or was she threatened before she jumped out of the ongoing vehicle is the question waiting for no answer.

We are hoping, that going forward, should the case does not indicting our colleagues then he can be released on bail and without going to court.

Great PEDPAN!!!


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