The effect of PEDPA Strike Action-Uber raises fares by 13% in Lagos

Uber raises fares by 13% in Lagos

Sodiq Oyeleke
10 May 2021
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The economy option for Uber, popularly referred to as UberX, has been increased by 13 per cent in Lagos State.

An electronic mail message from the ride-hailing firm to its drivers stated that the increment would start from May 11, 2021.

Uber said the increase was to ensure a reliable earning opportunity for driver-partners.

“At Uber, we remain committed to providing a reliable earning opportunity for driver-partners, as well as a reliable and affordable service for riders. With this in mind, starting 11th May 2021, we are increasing prices on UberX by about 13 per cent,” the message read.

Earlier, Uber and Bolt drivers under the aegis of Professional E-hailing Drivers and Partners Association, declared a strike in April in Lagos, seeking an upward review of e-cab fares to reflect the current economic

They also wanted both companies to reduce the commission charged on rides from 25 per cent to 10 per cent.

National President of PEDPA, Mr Idris Shonuga, had at a news conference in Lagos, said, “Instead of fixing a new and reasonable fare in line with inflation, the companies have recklessly continued to maintain the low fare, thereby, impoverishing hard-working young Nigerians who are diligently and lawfully trying to make a decent living.”

The e-cab operators also demanded adequate welfare package for drivers and compensation to the families of those that lost their lives or are permanently disabled in the line of duty.

The association said that more than 15 drivers had lost their lives, while some had been permanently disabled in accidents in the course of the service.

It also said more than 20 others have also lost their lives through kidnapping or killed by ritualists without any compensation from the operators.

There is no doubt that our recent strike action against Uber/Bolt yielded positive result,even though all our expectations and demands are not met.

But it is not over until it is over. Leadership of professional E-hailing Drivers and Private-Owners Association (PEDPA) an affiliate of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) will continue to show high level of proactiveness to make Uber Bolt to show enough responsibility by way of listening to the plight of E-hailing Drivers and Lease partners

All we need from all E-hailing Drivers and lease partners Community is their full support for our Union to be strong enough to RESIST any dictatorial practice of Uber/Bolt and any app companies

We need to prove to all app companies that we remain the owners of Transport service they sell to customers (riders)

By virtue of our partnership,they are only selling our service on our behalf, hence we need  to have contractual obligations to have say in the price of our Transport service collectively,that is why we have PEDPA as a Body of E-hailing Drivers and lease partners Community

The coming days will be very interesting with PEDPA strategy to prove to all app companies expecially Uber/Bolt that E-hailing Drivers and lease partners are the bedrock of E-hailing Business in Nigeria

We therefore urge all E-hailing Drivers and lease partners to have trust in the UNITY orchestrated by PEDPA by way of  remaining resolute to the solidarity movement of PEDPA in the coming days. Thank you all

Great PEDPA!……..…..Great

Great PEDPA!……..…..Great

Great Gbo Gbo Gbo PEDPA!……..…United We are Stronger ?

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