The Professional E-hailing Drivers and
Private Owners Association,


To The Entire E-hailing
Drivers Community,

Dear Sir/Madam


With much regards and honor,  wish to extend an unreserved and heartfelt commendations to the entire drivers community, for your doggedness and for the high level of compliance on the call for strike action especially on the first and second day of the strike.

The momentum we gathered on the second day of the strike action coupled with the level of compliance and enforcement by the Union members as well as concerned drivers, These has sent a very strong signal of total shutdown had the strike continued with that energy!

While preparing to move from National Stadium to popular roads in Lagos in convoy  of 500 cars with placard to expose the shenanigans and dictatorial practice of Uber Bolt, We were intercepted by men of the Nigerian Police force at the order of the state Commissioner of Police and  some members were arrested. While The President Comrade Idris Shonuga  drove down to Panti State CID to effect the release of our members who are exercising their fundamental human rights to protest peacefully, He was also detained as the Union Leader despite the fact that Lagos State commissioner of police have the copy of the letter we wrote to uber/ Bolt.

We know that this move was no doubt orchestrated by UBERBOLT as their key staffs was spotted moving in and out of the station on the same day of the arrest. While we were in their detention, we were giving preferential treatment because it was crystal clear that what we were arrested for does not hold water. Had the Court been on session, the PEDPA Legal Unit could have charged the matter to court and filed in a petition against UBERBOLT accordingly. This necessitated our being detained for over 48hrs.

Furthermore, when the Lagos State Chairman of Trade Union Congress (TUC) with the TUC National Secretary SG at the order of the National President of Trade Union Congress in Abuja informed them that further delay will escalate into a Nationwide Strike Action by the Union and all Affiliates. They quickly worked with our legal Unit to immediately effect our release.

Upon being released, we were highly encouraged to see the level of energy and compliance demonstrated by you great Comrades! And We  pray that Almighty God will surely see us through this struggle, because we are fighting a just cause.

Moving forward, the concerned authorities have pledged to immediately initiate a roundtable meeting between PEDPA and UBERBOLT wherein the drivers demands will be thoroughly looked into. They have also pleaded that we  shield our swords and suspend the strike action pending the time this dialogue will be concluded.

In view of the above, we shall temporarily suspend the strike action as we hope that our demands will be looked into at the roundtable meeting and implemented accordingly.

Moreover, we are NOT letting down our guard. We are having and will continue to have strategic meetings and consultations with the appropriate bodies,  should UBERBOLT refuse to speak in the language that the drivers community understands. In addition to other plans the Union are Working on, We wish to inform the Drivers community as follows;

Should the outcome of the roundtable meeting not favor the drivers community or reflect 90% compliance, then we shall proceed as follows:

▪️ Our legal Unit will immediately file in a court injunction against UBERBOLT.

▪️ We shall have The backing of Trade Union Congress (TUC)

In addition, while that is on the pipeline, we shall begin to do a background check on any Indigenous  App Companies or Foreign App Companies that shows interest to give us true partnership  and social welfare package on their App. This evaluation will be collectively looked into by the Union (PEDPA) and other experienced members in the industry to ensure that our collective interests are protected. We will also make sure that the drivers representatives are consulted by the App Company before any major decisions are taken that will be binding on the drivers subscribing to their platforms. We will not allow the same thing that  knocked off our teeth to bling our eyes for the second time.

You will recall that we made Uber/Bolt platforms what they are today through our Undoubted 5 ? star services. Today they have grown to be Monsters and they feel  indisposable. We shall same way show them the way out of the business should they fail to grant our demands.

Conclusively, We are calling on all members of the E-hailing drivers community to fall to a formation of Unity. You must have watched the TUC declaration of their active support for PEDPA in the video that we circulated across all platforms. We want you to know that belonging to PEDPA as a Union body is a protection for us.

Please let us keep our fingers crossed as we await the result of the roundtable meeting.  We are eagerly hoping that our demands will be implemented  by UBERBOLT. Should reverse be the case, then our actions and reactions this time will be more pronounced and will attract National Attention.

Please accept the warm greetings and love in the spirit of Oneness and Comradeship.

Yours faithfully,

Signed ✍️ : Comrade Idris Oluwaseun Shonuga.


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